The U.S. army will reconsider who to bury in Arlington cemetery

Армия США пересмотрит, кого хоронить на Арлингтонском кладбище

The US army will introduce new rules about who can be buried at Arlington national cemetery.

As the place of burial is becoming less army introduces new criteria by which military personnel can be buried in Arlington. Acting Minister for the army, Ryan McCarthy (Ryan McCarthy) has officially announced that the changes will allow the cemetery to continue to operate as active the last shelter in the future.

The biggest change in the Protocol is that veterans who have retired from active service and eligible for retirement will no longer automatically be entitled to burial in the place of honor in the country. They will be eligible for a compact burial of cremated remains.

If no changes will happen by mid-2050-ies in the cemetery no space for new burials, including the recipients of Honorary medals. More than 400 000 people already buried in the cemetery, and only 95 000 places for new heroes. The planned expansion will add 37 acres, which will give the cemetery another 10 years of operation, but then the place will not do.

Those who were killed in battle, was awarded a Purple heart or Silver star, or were prisoners of war, will be able to receive burial in the ground.