The Union encourages teachers to teach according to the updated programme for sex education (PHOTOS)

Профсоюз призывает учителей преподавать по обновленной программе по половому воспитанию (ФОТО)

The Union representing primary school teachers of Ontario, encourages its members in the new academic year to continue to teach modernized curriculum on sex education, despite the decision of the provincial government to return to its version of 20 years ago.

The elementary teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) “strongly condemned” the government’s step for the abolition of the educational program that the liberals have updated in 2015 to include topics such as the issue of consent, LGBTQ rights and safety on the Internet.

Those in power the progressive conservatives said teachers should return to a curriculum developed in 1998, while undergoing a public consultation on its next update.

ETFO President Sam Hammond reacted to this approach critically and said that the Union advises all members to “exercise professional judgment” in relation to sexuality education, when after three weeks the students will return to school.

“The government’s decision to return to the curriculum in health and physical education 1998, starting further consultations irresponsible, as discriminary and jeopardizes the safety of students whom we teach, said Hammond in a statement issued on Monday, August 13, when was held the annual meeting of the Union. Teachers will not be silenced by the government, whose primary political priorities relate to the protection of pupils and give them a proper education”.

Hammond said that the rejection of an updated curriculum in favor of a more old may jeopardize the safety of students and human rights in General, adding that in accordance with the decree of the government, this situation creates “a direct conflict with the basic duties and obligations of teachers in front of their disciples.”

Calling the approach of the Ontario government “reckless”, Hammond said that the Union will protect all teachers who continue to teach on the curriculum of 2015. ETFO also intends to participate in court proceedings about the curriculum − something that can be initiated by the Tribunal the human rights of Ontario after the treatment group parents.

Six families from Ontario has opposed the government’s decision, because I think that the previous version of the training program discriminare students-LGBTQ.

Lawyers working on the case, insist that the upgraded program has created a healthier atmosphere in the classroom and provide teachers the tools needed in order to provide the necessary support for all students.

Last week the leader of the New democratic party of Ontario Andrea Horvath filed in the provincial Parliament a petition signed by 1,800 doctors, nurses, social workers and other health workers. The document says that the refusal of the updated training program is jeopardizing the health of children, depriving them of key information about such concepts as acceptance, safety and inclusion.

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