The United States believes that the sound of the attack on diplomats in China and Cuba, organized by Russia

США считают, что звуковые атаки на дипломатов в Китае и на Кубе организовала Россия

The United States believes that the sound of the attack on diplomats in China and Cuba, organized by Russia

Author: Paul Cote

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Media it became known that American intelligence agencies believe that the air attacks on the staff of the diplomatic mission of the United States is the Russian Federation. About this broadcaster NBC announced three officials close to the investigation.

Suspicions about the involvement of Russia was formed after the US intelligence was able to intercept coded messages the spies of the state. Insiders refused to elaborate what that evidence obtained by American intelligence. They noted, however, that these arguments are insufficient to formal charges of the Russian Federation. According to them, the security services are now trying to obtain additional information.

The officials also spoke about the reverse engineering technology, which was struck by US diplomats. Basic tests are conducted on the basis of the air force Kirtland (new Mexico). Threat replication technology is necessary in order to determine its capabilities and to create effective protection. Officials in the US government admitted that now they are not able to protect diplomats from the effects of sonic weapons. However, this name is very conditional, because, according to FBI agents, strange noises, which are cited by victims, is a side effect. In fact, during the attacks used high-tech means, based on electromagnetic effects.

A mystery remains the motive. It is still unclear why employees of the diplomatic mission in Cuba and in China was attacked. This means that intelligence agencies will continue the investigation, and it is difficult to predict when we can expect final conclusions. Last week State Department spokesman said that the incident should be considered only as an attack on US citizens.

Recall that, starting in 2016, 24 staff of the diplomatic mission was exposed to the unknown technology in Cuba. As a result of these attacks people have severe headaches, partial hearing loss and vision problems. Later, a similar incident was recorded in China.

The US has threatened International criminal court severe sanctions

John Bolton spoke out against the International criminal court. In his opinion, the Agency should terminate the investigation of the activities of US armed forces in Afghanistan. Otherwise, America is ready to apply tough sanctions against members of the ICC.

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