The United States is ready to respond to the threat from Russia

США готовы ответить на угрозу со стороны России

Russia began to strengthen its presence.

United States of America (USA) and their allies are ready to respond to the growing threat from the Russian Federation (RF). This was stated by the commander of the European command of US Armed forces and commander in chief of the United NATO forces in Europe, General Curtis Scaparotti, writes the with reference to

After a visit to Portsmouth last week to the biggest military exercises of NATO since the end of the cold war, he said, is preparing to join the us aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman. Answering the question, what message Moscow is trying to convey Alliance, transferring to the North sea to the teachings of the 100,000-ton warship, Scaparotti said that it is a demonstration of the capabilities of the unit.

“We are ready to respond if necessary, and we will continue to protect the Atlantic” – said the General.

“We need to continue to build our capabilities and to train, so we preserved the dominance in terms of military capabilities,” he said, adding that the force, in his opinion, is able to prevent the conflict.

Note, in Norway, in October and November will be large-scale military exercise of NATO “Trident Juncture-2018” with participation of representatives of 31 countries.

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