The unlikely birthday of the Mavericks

Whenever he shares the stage with his comrades from The Mavericks, guitarist Eddie Perez is aware of his luck. The tour that will stop at the Chicoutimi Port Zone on August 1st at 10 pm marks the 30th anniversary of this training. She is more popular than ever, as illustrated by her second appearance at the Glastonbury Festival three weeks ago. One would not suspect that its members traveled in separate ways for eight years.
A promising start, indeed, the singer Raul Malo made the decision to make a solo career. He explored this path from 2003 to 2011, citing his desire to explore different musical avenues. What also weighed in the balance, it is the tensions generated by the business side of the operations. Not to control one’s destiny is to suffer one’s career instead of seeing it as a source of contentment.

“Since we started working together again, we do not feel the time passing. We have a lot of fun on the road and we are putting the finishing touches to two albums of original songs coming out soon. We also realize how unlikely it was for us to celebrate the 30 years of the Mavericks. We are lucky because few groups are going through this stage, “said Eddie Perez in a telephone interview with The Daily .

The American training took advantage of its new start to overcome external constraints. Its members have also resolved to create original material, rather than surfing their success. They are even more happy that the studio stays have never been so successful. It is here that the notion of pleasure that permeates their approach makes sense.

“We found the magic spot that allows us to express the heart and soul of the Mavericks in this context. We’re so in tune with each other that you only need two or three takes to complete a song recording. And as we play in ‘live’ mode, it’s easy to reproduce the piece on stage, “says the guitarist.

In show also, the group displays beautiful arrangements. No matter where he happens, his experience is such that he can feel the audience, always changing from one day to the next. And when Raul Malo starts to jostle the “setlist”, no one takes the bite to the teeth. His comrades are even proud to follow him in his hairpin bends.

“It can plunge us far into our catalog or embark on a recovery. It’s the equivalent of a bag of mixed candies and each time we are able to adjust. This is the sign that we have learned the lessons of our misadventures. A form of maturity took hold, which made us understand that music was the top priority. If it’s not right on this side, nothing will work, “says Eddie Perez.

In Chicoutimi, where the combo will debut at the International Rhythms of the World Festival, it can not reveal what the program will look like. What is certain, however, is that the public will perceive the pleasure felt by the musicians, as much as their taste for the mixture of genres. To sum up their color scheme to tex-mex would be a mistake, indeed.

“Our influences also include Sinatra, Elvis, Roy Orbison, jazz, big bands and Latin music. As there are always things in people that resonate, it awakens nostalgia, “states the guitarist.

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