The victim of vaping has done first in US history transplantation of both lungs

Жертве вейпинга сделали первую в истории США пересадку обоих легких

Doctors of Detroit made the first U.S. transplant of both lungs for a patient whose organs have received irreparable damage from vaping.

According to the U.S. centers for control and prevention of diseases, the number of patients affected by the mysterious illness as a result of vaping, reached in the country 2051 people. Up to the present time there were at least 40 deaths in different States. One of the patients was such a significant damage in the lungs, which the doctors decided on the first story, a double transplant.

While the patient’s name is not disclosed, his condition is not known, but doctors say the operation completed successfully.

The source of the disease is not yet known. Now, after a series of recent experiments, experts believe the main culprit for damage to the respiratory tract vitamin E supplementation in electronic cigarette.