The voice 10 the issue: what surprised the audience the project participants (Video)

Голоса страны 10 выпуск: чем удивили зрителей участники проекта (Видео)

Yesterday, April 1, a new issue of the Ukrainian musical show “voice of the country”.

In the new edition of the show participants enjoyed the third stage of the competition – the knockouts, during which time they had only one chance at passing on. Three trainers (Jamal, Potapov and Sergey Babkin) have already decided on the composition of their teams after the “battle”.

As you know, the terms “voice of the country”, the participants moved on to the knockouts – the last step before live, which will begin April 15. The knockouts got 34 participants – 9 in each all-star team coach.

10 issue of the judges were very impressed by the musical transformation of a young boy Daniel Feldman, who did his best to sing the song “Whatever It Takes” Imagine Dragons.

Daniel Feldman – “Whatever It Takes”

Sianga – “Healed”

Oksana Chernaya – “Ain’t My Fault”

Srbuhi Sargsyan – “Dziwny jest ten swiat”

Victoria Ilchishina – “Holy”

Nikita Trandin – “Him”

Roman PIASECKI – “That’s What I Like”

Violetta Litvinenko – Cheremshina

Nicholas Serazetinov – “Say Something”

White Valentine – “All I Want”

Roman Nabozhnyak – “STN”

Maria Khursenko “My Heart Will Go On”

Dmitry Samko – “Sail”

Anastasia Mazurka – “ask heaven”

Yuri Canales – “Grenade”

Alexander Chekmarev – “Yesterday”

Dmitry Stoyan – “Something crazy”

Elena Lutsenko – “Smoke on the water”

Recall that the “voice of the country” aired every Sunday at 21:00 on channel 1+1.

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