The Walking Dead : season 9 play downright western, according to the new showrunneuse






We will speak again in the series Walking Dead. So, as usual, we prepare the forks, the totem poles of immunity because you are still going to say that you don’t like the series. And you’ll probably because.

In fact, not exactly. It’s not that you don’t like it, it’s just that we do not like it anymore. Because, in the last few years, The Walking Dead, looks more like a drama brazilian shot in the middle of nature with guys wearing their makeup with a trowel from time to time to remind us of the pitch from the start, rather than the adaptation of a comic book staple.


The war, my good sir


But all that will change in season 9. Already, there is a new showrunner, Angela Kang, and she apparently wants. Then, at the end of these new episodes, there will be several departures, including that of Andrew Lincoln, who is still the hero of the series. If with all that, the series fails to reinvent themselves, we wonder how she will do it.

In any case, Angela Kang seems to be on the alert and hyper motivated to give us a season like we’ve ever seen since it comes downright to entrust to Entertainment Weekly that the season 9 will have a different atmosphere from previous, more close to the western :


Soon the end for Rick


“We’re going to explore what happens when the structures and the work of men collapse. All that is roads and bridges are beginning to change, to crumble. And we’ll also explore what happens when the resources diminish. This causes the emergence of a western-style atmosphere is particularly appreciable.

We are entering a period where not a lot of things that we have seen before collapse, so now they get around on horses and in horse-drawn carriages rather than in the car. They are lit with oil lamps. They use all kinds of weapons. There was a real hardness that I think will appeal to the audience and will bring in the new.”

So yes, clearly, this change in focus can only do good for a series on a drip for many years. The only problem is that it has been waiting for this for almost 9 years. Hoping, therefore, that it is not too late. Response from the month of October.


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