The wife of a billionaire kidnapped in Norway : € 9 million ransom demanded

L'épouse d'un milliardaire kidnappée en Norvège : 9 millions d'euros de rançon exigés

The wife of a billionaire, aged 68 years, has disappeared last October 31, the day of Halloween, in Norway.

After several weeks of investigation would be unsuccessful, the police have decided to make the matter public in the hope of gathering information.

They have revealed that the sexagenarian had been kidnapped and that a ransom demand had been made by the kidnappers. “Serious threats have been addressed,” said the inspector Tommy Brøske.

The latter believe that the victim was kidnapped at his home in Lørenskog, less than 20 kilometres from Oslo. Indeed, a word written in bad Norwegian has been left in the property of the disappeared, warning that it would perish if the police were alerted.

Very limited contact through a platform of digital communication has taken place with the alleged kidnappers said the police.

“We have not received signs of life from the victim, but we have not received signs indicating that it is not in life,” said Tommy Brøske.

Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen is the wife of Tom Hagen, a businessman who made his fortune in energy and real estate. His wealth is estimated at $ 1.7 billion kroner (174 million euros).

The couple, who has three adult children, and lived a life of discreet and secluded in a house tidy but unpretentious, now cordoned off by the police.

According to a local newspaper, the ransom demanded is 9 million euros in cryptomonnaie Monero. The police advised the family not to pay it. “The family has decided to follow the advice of the police,” assured his lawyer.