The wife of Prince Charles has launched a toast to Queen Elizabeth

Жена принца Чарльза запустила бокалом в королеву Елизавету

The spouse of Prince Charles Camilla pretty drunk and attacked Queen Elizabeth II. It is reported NewIdea.

The incident occurred at the family lunch in the Scottish Balmoral castle in January. Journalists say the woman was actively a gin and tonic and the wine, and then became “too noisy and unbearable.” Mother-in-law saw a daughter-in-law’s behavior and reprimanded her for it.

Жена принца Чарльза запустила бокалом в королеву Елизавету

The Duchess Chornoliska started shouting at the Queen, reproaching her that she allows her husband Prince Philip ride in the car alone (as reported “Bagnet”, 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh was in a car accident). Further more: she reproached the Queen that she allows her grandson Prince Harry to “sit under the thumb” of his wife Megan.

The journalists ‘ sources say that Camille launched into Her Majesty with a glass of red wine and broke into the Queen’s pearl necklace. Separated wife and mother of Prince Charles. In order to calm down the drunk Duchess, called security. Camille dragged her designated guest room, so that it is cold. After such unroyal antics of the Duchess allowed to attend family events and be crossed with the Queen.

“This terrible incident shook the Queen deeply. It had never been subjected to physical attacks. And swore that he would never undergo from now on… She doesn’t want to hear any excuses. And insists that “the attack Camilla for the crown inexcusable,” — said the source.

Camille herself claims no recollection of the incident. And that such a result could call what she was drinking alcohol in combination with medication.