The witness showed the collision of a giant asteroid with the Moon

Очевидец показал столкновение гигантского астероида с Луной

Not all scientists confirm the authenticity of the video.

The world wide web appeared a mysterious videotape that, according to many users, it looks too incredible to be true. However, other patrons of the virtual space believe that these remarkable and frightening images may well be real, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

If hardened skeptics are guided by the principle that if any material in the Network is potentially a skilled forgery, it’s seeking truth in this world never cease to believe that life is possible, by and large, the most incredible things. Anyway, this movie really exists, and it definitely deserves our attention.

It is reported that the following footage was received a few days ago a resident of the canadian province of Saskatchewan. The man noticed in the daytime odd ball flying toward the moon. First, the eyewitness thought that somewhere in the Earth’s atmosphere moving unidentified flying object.

The canadian pulled out a smartphone and began to remove the mysterious anomaly to the camera, as would every surprised and not entirely indifferent to the wonders. But what happened next amazed the beholder to the core. The bright object crashed into the natural satellite of our planet, leaving behind visible from the Ground shock wave. Our hero realized that we are talking about a giant asteroid that crashed on the moon.

Orthodox scientists who looked at the record, of course, treated it with distrust. According to experts, such a huge collision of an asteroid with Selena would lead to disastrous consequences, both for the moon and our planet is inextricably linked with his companion.

However, many users of the Internet who believed in the veracity of this video, believe that the Moon is able to stand such a bombardment of asteroids. In the end, if you believe the same luminaries of science, Selena has many times been subjected to such attacks from space and at the same time, oddly enough, not falling apart. Moreover, it is proven independent researchers, you’re not even really deep depression from such meteorite strikes, as if she, in fact, an artificial body, only eyes covered with not very thick layer of “moon dust”. And more – super hard shell, for example, titanium…

The rest draw your own conclusions, but the indirect confirmation of the fact that mentioned just above, serves a huge asteroid crashed on the moon and, as always, not causing her any harm…

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