The workers can pledge to bring in Ukraine “EuroBLECH”: what you need to know

Заробитчане могут без залога ввозить в Украину «евробляхи»: что надо знать

After 25 November 2018 in Ukraine entered into force changes in the legislation related to the customs clearance “EuroBLECH”, the owners held a series of protests, including blocking traffic at checkpoints on the Western border. The reason for the discontent of the people was that now when you import to Ukraine a car with a foreign registration it is necessary either to clear, or leave him a cash Deposit equivalent to customs duties as a guarantee that the car will leave the territory of Ukraine within the prescribed period (at departure the Deposit will be refunded).

New demands angered the residents of the border areas, who used to travel frequently for imported cars in neighboring Poland or Slovakia for work. Many workers believe that the border closure in late November was only a trial, and the main protests are expected closer to the new year and Christmas holidays.

— Here will see, the most serious protests at the border on the eve of new year and Christmas holidays, when Ukraine will direct the bulk of our workers. Then the boundary can be locked from two sides,— said “FACTS” Igor Stepak, who is working for several years in Poland. — I quite legally bought and issued over a car in Poland. And now, to call on him for a week in Ukraine and to visit relatives, I have to pay a lot of money? And who will give me a guarantee that the Deposit when you leave me back? No, I disagree and I am sure that like me a lot.

Заробитчане могут без залога ввозить в Украину «евробляхи»: что надо знать

*Protests 26 Nov 2018 near the checkpoint “Yagodin”

The State fiscal service of Ukraine tried to calm Ukrainian workers who officially work abroad and are on the consular register. For this category of citizens established a separate procedure for temporary importation of vehicles.

As reported in the Department, such individuals are exempted from payment of security Deposit for the temporary import of vehicle to Ukraine. Instead, they should give a written undertaking to export the vehicle within the prescribed period.

“The term of stay in Ukraine imported this category of citizens of a motor vehicle or trailer (provided it is of import together with car) must not exceed 60 days within one calendar year. Moreover, this period may be either continuous or with breaks”, — said the press service of the SFS.

Fiscal service added that a prerequisite of unsecured temporary import of cars and trailers is their registration for Ukrainians in the country where he works or stands on the consular register. These documents must be presented at the checkpoint to avoid problems when crossing the border.

At the same time is not impossible that such a loophole can be used by people eligible for unsecured import of cars with foreign registration.

— Zarobitchanin can sell their “EuroBLECH” on the territory of Ukraine, — says auto expert Artem Yaremchenko. – If a whole car is unlikely someone will dare to buy, though completely to exclude such opportunity it is impossible (the so-called car-double), then sell it for disassembly is quite real. And there’s no questions when leaving the Ukraine, the owner “EuroBLECH” write a statement to the police about car theft. And the problem is removed. All databases vehicle will be stolen, which will allow its owner not only to peacefully leave the Ukraine, but after six months or a year to get a payout. In reality, the car dismantled to the last screw in some garage and already it is legal to sell for parts. And the owner used the money to buy yourself in Poland, another “EuroBLECH”… will this Become a mass phenomenon, as the importation of “EuroBLECH” according to the Istanbul Protocol, time will tell and promptness of our law enforcement officers.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians gradually rastamazhivayut previously imported to Ukraine “EuroBLECH”. As reported by “FACTS”, the Chernivtsi customs was decorated in a thousand such a car. Meanwhile, in Transcarpathia, the police began to catch and penalize “eurobserv” if driving a car with foreign registration are not the same person that it was imported.

However, in the Slovak settlements at the border with Ukraine have appeared cemetery “EuroBLECH”. In the border areas has accumulated more than hundreds of cars that the Ukrainians are throwing because of their inability to obtain customs clearance, and local residents fear that before the holidays the number of abandoned cars will increase many times.

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