The world is getting wetter, but water will be less in North America

Мир становится влажнее, но воды станет меньше в Северной Америке

Distribution of water when exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide and heating of the planet is changing. A new study shows that although the world is becoming more humid, North America and Eurasia gradually dry up and lose fresh water.

A new computer model shows that plants of the future will consume more water than at present, which will lead to reduction of freshwater supplies for people living in North America and Eurasia. These results are published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

This means that densely populated regions of the planet are already experiencing water shortages and drought.

“Vegetation is an important factor in determining where there is water and people can be irrelevant,” says lead author Justin S. Mankin (Mankin Justin S.) from Columbia University.