The worst maniac of Russia has received a second life sentence for dozens of murders

Самый страшный маньяк России получил второй пожизненный срок за десятки убийств

Former policeman Mikhail Popkov, known as the “Angarsk maniac” under sentence of Irkutsk regional court to life imprisonment with serving in a colony of special regime. He was found guilty of killing 56.

In addition to the second life sentence, the court sentenced him to deprivation of a rank “the second Lieutenant”. According to the Prosecutor Alexander Skinema, this Popokov not agree and intends to appeal the verdict because they do not want to lose the pension.

According to the BBC, still the 54-year-old maniac received a pension of the Ministry of interior in the amount of 24 thousand rubles a month (over $ 360) and was hoping that he would retain these payments because he actively cooperated with the investigation.

In 2015, Popkov was already sentenced to life in prison for 22 murders. After the verdict, before sending in the colony, he confessed to committing an additional 59 counts of murder and one attempted murder. The investigation into a second case of a maniac, took about three years, and the trial lasted a year.
To kill the ass since he worked in the police. And at least three murders committed when he was on duty — in uniform and using a police car. The maniac is claimed to have raped and killed only “women leading dissolute lives”. In fact, he lured into his car returning home late all women and girls.

In an interview Popkov said that the killings pushed his cheating wife.

On account of Popkova more casualties than the Soviet maniac Andrey Chikatilo. He confessed to 56 murders, in court it was proved 43.

Popkov’s victims over 16 years (1994 to 2010) were, according to two sentences, 78. Including his colleague, a policeman, who was killed in 1999.
His victims he left around the trails or roads of Angarsk, some of them were found alive, but died in the hospital.

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