“The x factor” season 9 issue 2: how was the second casting in Kiev (Video)

"Х-фактор" 9 сезон 2 выпуск: как прошел второй кастинг в Киеве (Видео)

September 8, STB went 2 the release of the 9th season of the vocal show “X-factor”.

On Saturday, September 8 in the TV channel STB showed the second casting of the members of the popular vocal show “X-factor” season 9. This time the judges conquered the capital city of Kiev.

By the way, the judicial seat was again occupied by Danilko, Nastya Kamensky, Dmytro Shurov and Oleg Vinnik. And the show was a new music producer Vadim Lisitsa, known for collaboration with artists like ALYOSHA, LOBODA, the group “Time and Glass” and Mozgi Production.

Among the contenders to get to the next stage was the former musician of group “Cries of vidopljasova”, Lieutenant of police, the therapist, the participants of the last season of the show and a lot of others, but only some were able to pass on.

In Kiev the casting first came on the scene the masseur Alexander Ryabenko. He will perform the hit of Paul Zibrova “Ukrainian divchata”.

The next participant is Alexander Lazouski already quite well-known in the music world. He previously played in the group Vopli Vidopliassova. But always dreamed of a solo career.

Police Lieutenant and model Victoria Selco tried to conquer the X-factor performance of the song Melovin “Under The Ladder”.

The guys of the band “Violet” for the second time decided to participate in the project. If the updated composition of the group to conquer the audience with authorial songs “P LAN bridges”?

Next came on the scene show X-factor 2018 at the casting in Kiev and twenty-five years Julia the Vyg. Girl is sure this will start a new page of her difficult life.

Next tried to obtain his cherished four “Yes” Stolyar Igor Hanin. He performed the song “encore”.

Now you will see the participant brought from the street Andrew Poor. Taras Sokolyk tries to impress the judges and the show X-factor song Nazar Yaremchuk.

Further to the Kiev stage were the author of the hit “Crazy drag Queen” Eugene Kirik. And his performance was no less enchanting than the previous casting shows.

The next participant of the Kiev casting show X-factor has become popular in the past, the star singer of Pollen. She sang all the well-known original song “I love you, Kiev.”

The group “the Mouth of the crocodile” has already managed to record his own album and now will try to impress the judges and the show X-factor 9 author’s song.

Next contestant Jeanne Segura came from London, where he lives and works the last 10 years. Casting in Kiev, the girl will try to fully reveal his talent to remain forever in Ukraine.

A novel Klavan came to the casting show X-factor not only for fame but also to find love.

Armen Arzumanyan performed the song group Neangely “Roman” for your favorite. A girl was just crazy about Armen agreed to marry him and give birth to a child. A month later, left the family for another man…

Group Wabi Sabi surprised the judges with his performance of the song “Nino” Oleg Vinnik.

Last on stage, the show took Catherine Carnage that for the child’s upbringing left music and is now in full wants to return to his beloved.

It is worth noting that this season the winner of the show instead of 1 million hryvnias in cash and receives professional support from the channel by the same amount: record the song, the video and radio play.

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