There are 8.8 million poor in France

Il y a 8,8 millions de pauvres en France

France was the leader in 2016, some 8.8 million poor people, or 14% of the population, according to figures from Insee published on Tuesday, two days before the announcement by the president Macron, a strategy of struggle against poverty.

This rate rises to 19.8% for those under 18 years of age. In other words, one child in five in France is poor.

Are classified as poor, those who earn less than 1.026 € per month (for a single person), that is to say, less than 60% of the median income of the population.

The global poverty rate is slightly lower, by 0.2 point compared to the one found in 2015, according to the Insee “is mainly explained by the implementation of the premium of activity” – a help to low income earners created in early 2016.

“The situation vis-à-vis poverty is still very related to the status of the activity”, underlines the statistical office. Thus, in 2016 poverty was 38.3% of the unemployed, compared to 6.4% of employees and 7.7% of the assets occupied.

But the family situation also plays a big role in the risk of being faced with material difficulties. Thus, 34.8% of single-parent families are poor – representing about 2 million people – a rate four times higher than for couples with one or two children. Has three children, by contrast, the poverty rate for families in the torque increases very significantly, to 23.9%.

The median standard of living in France rose to 1.710 euros per month in 2016 – an increase of 0.9% year on year, in constant euros – and thus recovers its pre-crisis level of 2008.

30% of households have seen their median income rise more than the overall population (between 1.4 and 1.5% increase), but did not recover to the extent of their income level before the crisis.