These cheap products are dangerous to health

Эти дешевые продукты опасны для здоровья

Experts advise to buy expensive and quality products.Cheap sausages, prepared foods, hard cheeses, canned fish and sweets among the five most dangerous foods which cause the most dangerous diseases. Journalists are told what is dangerous cheap products, writes the with reference on healthinfo.


You can’t buy sausages for 40 or 60 hryvnia per kilogram, because the processed meat products is toxic carcinogens. And they, in turn, provoke cancer. And this is proved by the world health organization, experts say. “Often provoke cancer of the colon, rectum, bladder, pancreas”, – told the gastroenterologist Natalia Dyachenko.

Semi-finished products

In the frozen dumplings, dumplings, pancakes, etc. contain TRANS fats, phosphates and other dangerous substances. Still keep this take-out sometime, so you can get food poisoning.

Hard cheeses

Technologists claim that at a low price may be the only cheese product in which a zero milk, but full of dangerous TRANS fats, or rather of the usual margarine. Consumption of pseudoceros can lead to heartburn, diseases of the cardiovascular system and not only.

Canned fish

First, cheap samples is dangerous because of heavy metals, banks unable to get to the fish. And, secondly, in any case can not buy the special canned food, which ends the period of storage. These products can cause botulism – a deadly disease that can be treated only in a hospital.

Cheap sweets

All the cheap sweets with the use of palm coconut oil instead of butter, artificial color. Natural will be more expensive. “They cause hypertension, fatty liver lead to cirrhosis of the liver, pancreas, obesity of the heart,” adds Natalia Dyachenko. Experts advise to buy expensive and quality products.

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