These habits can undermine the health of the kidneys

Эти привычки могут подорвать здоровье почек

They are best avoided.

When the pain in the kidneys, people often wonder: how? In fact, many common habits affect the condition of the kidneys especially negatively, reports the with reference to

Doctors have compiled a list of the most dangerous for kidney health habits mass. This list of the leading provocateurs of the renal diseases included

Taking pain medicine. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can become an escape from the pain, but the habit of taking drugs for any reason that causes harm to the kidney: this organ is the filter just can’t cope with a full cleaning of the components of these funds released in the process of digestion.

Salt. Try to put less salt in dishes, give advice to the doctors. The abundance of salt in the diet causes high blood pressure and for kidney this is a real blow.

A lot of meat. Abuse of animal protein increases the acidity of the blood, which increases the risk of acidosis, a process when the kidneys can not cope with the timely excretion of acid. Meat should be no more than a quarter of the food on the plate, you need to eat more vegetables, fruit and cereals.

Not drinking enough water. Simple, clean water without gas and sugar should be 50% of the total fluid in your diet. If it prevails packaged juices and sodas, and a variety of cocktails, the kidneys may be affected.

A bad dream. According to the researchers, the kidney function is regulated by the sleep cycle, and just enough sleep helps them to cope with the load. If you have a poor or little sleep, it means your kidneys are working in the mode of “the last effort”.

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