These herbs will protect you from mosquito bites

Эти травы защитят вас от укусов комаров

Experts have suggested, what herbs can be used as a mosquito repellent.

In order not to buy chemical sprays and tablets, mosquito repellent, you must know which herbs have the same properties and can eradicate summer insects bloodsuckers.

Moreover, a large part sold in the market of means from mosquitoes either ineffective or enriched by harmful substances that damage health.

These five herbs will protect from mosquitoes without harming your health:

Lemon Catnip – this herb is often called cat mint and in its properties it is not weaker than chemical repellents, but Catnip does not pollute the environment and does not harm the respiratory system.

Lavender – you can use fresh lavender, essential oils, or dried flowers that need to burn in the oil burner. Mosquitoes hate the scent of lavender, but because using it, you will protect yourself from numerous bites.

Lemongrass – this herb often included in the production of repellents, but it can be used in the form of essential oil, which is rubbed into the skin before going out or add a few drops to the aroma lamp.

Melissa – besides the fact that it calms the nerves and relaxes, and even repels mosquitoes, not allowing them to bite people. Experts say that Melissa essential oil, if you RUB them the skin will repel mosquitos for a couple of feet from the man.

Basil – this plant is considered the most powerful in terms of mosquito control. In order to bloodsuckers is not entered in your house, you can grow Basil in a pot on the windowsill. And, going outside, apply on body home spray Basil, which is prepared as follows: in warm water, add the chopped Basil leaves, mix well, let stand, strain and pour into a spray bottle. Ready to apply the infusion on the skin, let it dry and safely go on the street. Mosquitoes will fly around you tenth road.

Each of the proposed herbs has a range of useful properties, so you can use them without concerns for their health and even need.

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