These popular habits provoke premature aging

Эти популярные привычки провоцируют раннее старение

A major provocateur of premature aging is Smoking.A study of the reasons for the difference in aging people, has allowed scientists to form a pool of habits that negatively tell on the human organism and lead to its accelerated degradation, writes the with reference on healthinfo.

Scientists stated that one of the most common errors leading to deterioration of the body and, consequently, to his aging, is the exclusion from your diet of fat. Today, this food ingredient scare many fat-containing products are often referred to as the factor of high cholesterol in the blood. But experts emphasize that a variety of fats, both vegetable and animal origin in moderation just need a full physiology of the human body.

Also cause early ageing can become a habit to suppress emotions, not to Express openly their joy or to share with someone, experience negative feelings. This feature is destructive to the psyche and can contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, said the experts, it is important enough sleep and rest, to escape from the routine of Affairs. Another aspect is social isolation. Communication allows you to maintain the human brain in good shape for a long time as it stimulates the formation and growth of new neurons.

Finally, a major provocateur of premature aging is Smoking.

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