These products have a noticeable fat-burning effect

Эти продукты обладают заметным жиросжигающим эффектом

A healthy diet is the simplest method of correction of body weight.

Specialists again drew attention to the benefits of healthy eating. Experts named a list of products that effectively help weight loss and have a positive impact on the body, according to the with reference to Aspects.

Dieters scientists recommend primarily green tea, rich in catechins that accelerate metabolism. It is also important to include in the diet of salmon, which is useful for the body omega-3.

Struggling with obesity are advised not to forget about apples and pears. They contain flavonoids that affect fat burning. In addition, promote weight loss seaweed and hot pepper.

Will help in this matter also flax seeds. They contain lignans, which reduce BMI and help in getting rid of excess weight. The list also includes brown rice, onion, garlic and turmeric.

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