These recommendations will help to avoid poisoning on holiday

Эти рекомендации помогут избежать отравления на отдыхе

In summer, the risk of food poisoning increases.

Summer is not only a time of vacations and picnics, and also a period when the number of the poisoned food is increasing every day.

More other poisoning affects children, but adults are not immune. Therefore, doctors are reminded about the rules that will help avoid health problems on holiday and after it:

1. Prepare yourself. Doctors do not advise to shop at the natural market before leaving the city, it is better to prepare everything yourself. So you’ll be sure that you meet all health standards.

2. Wash hands and fresh produce. Very often in the markets sellers offer on the spot to try their product to make sure impeccable taste. But nobody knows who until you touch the products, how much they bacteria and dirt. Besides, to go on the market and to have clean hands – it is impossible.

3. Do not bring perishable products. This is especially true of desserts with protein cream.

4. It is desirable to cook and just as soon to use it. In the hot summer day any dish becomes potentially harmful to the digestion, if stored for more than two hours.

5. Fresh food can not be cut on the Board, where the previously sliced meat or fish. Bacteria from raw meat/fish penetrate into the Board and then move into fresh vegetables into the human body, causing the symptoms of food poisoning.

Take note of the above celebrated from physicians and their compliance you can protect yourself and loved ones from the risk of poisoning.

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