These simple additives significantly improve the taste and aroma of coffee

Эти простые добавки значительно улучшают вкус и аромат кофе

The four best components that you can add to coffee.

Classic Supplement for coffee is the milk. But there are a few products that much improves the taste properties of the drink and enhance the flavor, according to the with reference to Healthy Style.

So, what to add to coffee to enhance flavor and aroma:

Speciesspecies we normally add for cooking, but not drinks. A maximum of coffee, you can add cinnamon, but that’s not all. Coffee goes well nutmeg, lavender and cardamom. But you can experiment: just stir in 1/4 teaspoon of your chosen spice into the ground coffee and boil the drink.

Kakomi used that cocoa and coffee are two different drinks. But cocoa can give your coffee a chocolate flavor. To do this, add in the coffee-1-1,5 tablespoons cocoa and boil them together. At the end you can add a few drops of cream. The taste of this drink will remind you of hot chocolate.

Extractitem well as spices, extracts are able to give your coffee the aroma. The more standard combination is vanilla or coconut extract. However, coffee is also very suitable mint and rum extracts. One Cup of coffee, just one teaspoon of the extract.

Solsol, we often added to desserts (especially cakes) to improve the taste. But in the coffee salt will make your drink more soft. Just add a pinch (about 1/8 teaspoon) to the ground coffee before brewing.

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