These simple tips will help to keep health in autumn

Эти простые советы помогут сохранить здоровье осенью

Experts called eight main tips for beauty and health.

There are simple rules that allow you not to be depressed and to be constantly in good shape, according to the with reference to

1. Eat more hot food. Prefer baked and steamed food.

2. Pay attention to the number of seasonal vegetables in the diet. Eat more Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, turnips, cauliflower.

3. Include in the diet cereals. Especially useful amaranth seeds, brown rice, and quinoa.

4. Drink herbal teas. Relax tea with Valerian root, lemon balm, Basil and chamomile.

5. Cleans and moisturizes the skin with gentle sugar scrub.

6. Protect lips from chapping special balm that contains natural ingredients.

7. Choose the right soap. It is better that it was simple and gentle cleansers no artificial flavors.

8. Make time for yourself. To protect yourself from stress, leave time on something that makes you feel calm and happy.

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