These ten factors can prevent you from to become slim

Эти десять факторов могут помешать вам стать стройными

Experts explain why some people find it hard to lose weight.

In the struggle for harmony the most slimming allow a number of significant errors that ultimately did not achieve the desired result.

Some people are willing to eat nothing and fast for days on end, but I don’t see on the scale even a minimal slope, which would make them motivated to go further.

What’s stopping you lose weight?

A disruption in the thyroid. Enough of this little gland to start producing the required hormones, as appears lethargy, drowsiness, apathy, fatigue and reluctance to do anything. In hypothyroidism to get rid of excess weight is extremely difficult, we can say that is impossible.

Polycystic ovary syndromewhen disrupted pancreas, female genital organs, adrenal glands and other organs and systems, thereby can develop not only obesity, but also depression. Often, patients with this diagnosis hair fall out, skin becomes very oily and inflamed.

Regular lack of sleep. Defective sleep and rest will cause a set of extra pounds even if you’re dieting. It is a proven fact by scientists.

Low level of glucose in the blood. Most often it happens because of starvation, strict diets or benign growths in the pancreas, “insulinoma”. The person feels a constant sense of hunger and can not appease your appetite.

Hormonal failure. If such violations are in principle, a person is not able to fully exist, and even more to lose weight.

Hyperprolactinemia. This disease is caused by an excess of the hormone prolactin in the body, which is normally produced by the thyroid gland in large amounts when a woman is pregnant or feeding a baby breast milk. In this case, the weight imperceptibly increased, localizes in the shoulders and chest.

Hormonal medications. If a woman is forced to take hormonal, of a slim figure, she may not even dream of. At least until then, until you finish the course of medication.

The shortage of female sex hormones. This leads to an increase in the volume of the abdomen and thighs in women. Accordingly, in order to lose weight, you need to restore the level of estrogen in the body to normal.

Stress loads. At constant stress the woman will rapidly gain weight and not because he eats a lot, but because of the overabundance of the hormone cortisol, which actively participates in carbohydrate metabolism.

Genetics. Yes, indeed one person out of 100 the tendency to gain weight laid at the genetic level. Therefore, some people are really very difficult to lose weight and be slim.

It turns out that in order to lose weight, you need to pay more attention to their health and feelings, to identify factor inhibiting the process of dumping excess pounds, eliminate it and then enjoy your successes in losing weight.

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