These tips will help to relieve the swelling on the face

Эти советы помогут снять отечность на лице

Beautician shared useful recommendations.

Swelling of the face helps the cryo. Massage the face with ice cubes for as long as I can. Well, if you have in the freezer will always be the frozen cubes from the infusion of chamomile or mint, according to the with reference to Healthy Style.

Similar effects have special and decongestant mask, and firming creams, lifting creams, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. But even cosmetologists are regular ice works just as good.

“Excellent “works” proven folk remedy — a poultice of fresh potatoes or slices of fresh cucumber. Thinly slice the fresh cucumber or grate a fresh potato and apply on entire face for 15-20 minutes,” says the beautician.

Are excellent and light diuretic. Just do not rush to drink tablets is not as safe as it seems. It is better to use the long-known recipes of herbal decoctions of bearberry, juniper and birch buds. You can also drink a glass of fresh celery juice daily with water (to dilute in proportion 1 to 1).

If you have aching legs, the best thing to do is to raise them as high as possible and to lie down on the sofa (under his feet it is possible to enclose the pillow so that they were as high as possible, ideally above heart level) — this helps blood flow.

Great help and this drink is a liter of boiling water pour 4 tablespoons flax seed, boil 10-15 min. Cover the saucepan with a lid and allow to infuse for 1 hour. For taste, you can add a slice of lemon. Drink warm half a Cup 2 times a day with an interval of 1.5-2 hours.

In complex edema will help parsley. Incidentally, it is also a great prevention. To avoid swelling, eat the greens during meals.

If you made a slight swelling, save the infusion of parsley. Mince the vegetables and parsley. 1 Cup of the resulting mass pour two cups of boiling water, and how to insist. To drink on third of glass of warm.

Chronic edema is recommended to take this drink twice a day, before insisting at least 10 hours.

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