These two products effective for the prevention of gallstones

Эти два продукта эффективны для профилактики от камней в желчном пузыре

Stones in gall bladder horror as afraid of the beets and lemon.

Gall bladder is an oval SAC located under the liver, which performs one of the most important functions of the body. The authority collects bile, which comes to it from the liver and expels it into the small intestine. For a normal life is extremely necessary to the normal functioning of the gallbladder. Pathology of cause severe health problems, sometimes requiring surgery.

Violation of the functionality of the gallbladder first leads to poisoning of the liver. A wrong conclusion yellow-green bitter fluid leads to poisoning of the digestive tract, which in turn provokes the intoxication of the organism as a whole. Bile also helps rid the body of harmful substances which are not filtered in the kidneys, such as cholesterol, bilirubin, etc.

We all know about the need for periodic cleaning of the liver, kidneys, stomach and other organs. But somehow the few who pays attention to the gallbladder. So we want to share with You popular recipes, able to quickly clean the body of accumulated harmful substances.

Water with lemon juice.

Lemon juice has a huge number of useful properties. One of these is the dissolution of gallstones and the output of small particles of stones. This way of dealing with diseases of the body requires attention, but it has a high efficiency. The therapy should last at least a week. A few days before the course starts you need to hold the enema with a solution of salt or chamomile.

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Itself therapy requires a person to drink 1-2 cups of cold boiled water every 2 hours, which squeeze the juice of a whole lemon. For the procedure you need to take ripe, bright yellow lemon. During treatment may appear stabbing pain in the abdomen. Worry not, because this indicates the conclusion of the accumulated stones. But if the pain is too strong, you need a visit to the doctor to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Also throughout the course is recommended to drink fresh beet juice, carrot or cucumber. The maximum effect can be obtained from the mixture of these juices. The mixture should have a ratio of 2:1:1, in which the main role is played by carrot juice.

Beet syrup.

Also has a powerful effect, the so-called beet syrup. For 2 weeks You will be able to completely dissolve and remove the stones not only from the gallbladder. In addition, the tool will in General strengthen the body, filling it with useful vitamins and minerals.

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For cooking we just boil a few beet. But cooking is necessary to the formation of thick slurry, that is, up to 8 hours. When the beet has cooled, it is ready for use. The consistency of the tool resembles a syrup.

For 10-14 days you need to drink this syrup 100 ml three times a day before meal. This short course is enough to fully dissolve even large stones. Be sure to try the miracle syrup for cleaning of the gallbladder.

These recipes are perfectly safe to eat, if You don’t have intolerance to the individual components of the funds. So try it out for yourself the lemon and beetroot juice, and be sure to tell us about superb result to their friends. Be healthy!

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