They are turning up a Mcdonald’s in which came to eat the GIGN

Ils braquent un McDonald's dans lequel est venu manger le GIGN

Two individuals broke Sunday evening, shortly before to 21 h, in the Mcdonald’s School Valentine’s day, near Besançon (Doubs).

Armed with a hunting rifle, they have threatened the fifty clients who were in the restaurant : “This is a robbery, everything will be okay !”

What did not know the two criminals is that of the members of the GIGN came to eat in the fast-food. They were in civilian clothes but armed.

To avoid bloodshed, they let the robbery unfold and started in pursuit of the two robbers on the parking lot.

The two men have not wished to surrender and have threatened the constables. The GIGN has opened fire.

One of the two robbers was struck in the belly. His accomplice ran away, but in his flight he had broken the jaws on the stairs, before being arrested.