This autumn, the product slows down skin aging

Этот осенний продукт замедляет старение кожи

Another reason to eat grapes.

Grapes slows down aging of the skin and body, especially useful for people with asthma, herpes, disease of the heart and blood vessels, vision problems, reports the with reference to

Experts warn that to get the maximum benefit, it needs to be ripe.

It is noted that the grape is one of the most beneficial fruits in autumn. In order to choose a good bunch, they need to shake.

“If the berries keep very well, so cut it off early and matured it in boxes, and, therefore, no there was so much of healthfulness and taste, as it should be. If, on the contrary, they are very fall, and grapes long on the shelf and perespal or perished”, – stated in the material.

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