This dried fruit have recognized the powerful “weapon” against cancer

Этот сухофрукт признали мощным «оружием» против рака

They also prolong life.

Jujube or red (Chinese), dates are used in Chinese medicine to treat insomnia, loss of appetite and diarrhea, also presumably can effectively destroy cancer cells, reports the with reference to

This was stated by researchers from the Royal society of chemistry in the UK.

In the laboratory, scientists tested participants in a red tamarind chemical compounds. It turned out that these substances trigger the processes leading to the self-destruction of cancer cells of lung, breast and prostate.

“The death of cancer cells in this case can be caused by internal stress in the tumors,” said the experts.

In particular, the fruit ziziphus was found eight compounds that, as the researchers believe, can be used in the fight against cancer. Four of them weaken the potential for survival of cancer cells, four contribute to the occurrence of damage in the structure of composite tumor.

In China, where traditionally honored red date, it is believed that daily consumption of this fruit helps to preserve youth and prolong life. According to scientists, in comparison with the conventional dates in this contains 32 times more vitamin C.

Now scientists will try to solve the question of how this exotic fruit can help in the treatment of oncological diseases in humans.

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