This fruit makes a lot of medicines are dangerous for health

Этот фрукт делает много медикаментов опасными для здоровья

It concerns not only fruit, but its juice.Use of certain drugs together with grapefruit makes drugs dangerous to health, depriving of their useful properties. This effect in the interaction with citrus has been observed in the case of more than 50 drugs, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

Dozens of drugs lose their properties for the reason that contained in the grapefruit substances interact with enzymes in the small intestine, which are responsible for the breakdown of almost half of all medicines. This implies that if at the same time to use citrus and medicine, the properties of the latter or will intensify and become dangerous, or will be suppressed and will not be effective. Mostly this concerns drugs aimed at treating cancer, cardiovascular diseases, anxiety, urinary tract infections, etc.

This applies not only grapefruit but also juice from it, which is sometimes washed down the pills. Best some time before and after the medication is given to refuse such treats, and consult with your doctor.

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