This is Neill Blomkamp who will be doing the new Robocop






In this period of general instability, it is there as a reminder of our models of the past, our idols of youth, to draw from them the strength to continue to fight. And above all do not forget that Robocop, it is of the second degree.

Because yes, when Robocop is released in 1988, it does not take long to understand that its director, Paul Verhoeven, for his first hollywood film, has decided to pay the America of Reagan. Ultra-liberalism, drift fascistic of the OCP, extreme poverty and the rise of the violence, everything has already been said in this film. As if he alone decided the 30 years that were to succeed him.


Paul Verhoeven on the set of Robocop


Of course, Hollywood could not resist the urge to redo this large masterpiece and therefore it is in 2014 that came out on the very shameful RoboCop, the finger to the original film as well as his audience. And if it was hoped that this kills any attempt to retry the blow, here at the beginning of this year, Edward Neumeier, the screenwriter of the first film had announced that MGM is working on plans for a new pane which would be the direct result of the film of 1988.


A remake that we all want to forget


An ad burst to which we do not believe it too, it must be confessed, and the months of silence that followed gave us reason. Except that here, the website Deadline Hollywood has just set up the event by revealing a few hours ago a new Robocop was indeed in development for the corridors of the studio, and, better still, it had been entrusted to Neill Blomkamp After the failure of his Alien 5 and his short films, the director of District 9 and Chappie is thus found at the controls of one of the licenses most popular with the public with the mission not to betray them.

Of course, for the moment we know very little about this Robocop Returns , but it would appear that this is actually what Neumeier promised : a sequel to the Verhoeven film that would be as if the awful remake had not existed. In short, Robocop could put you back in Halloween and it is a huge gamble.

Remember that Blomkamp is always supposed to achieve Greenland, a disaster film with Chris Evans.


50% man, 50% machine, 100% cop

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