This product is the best preventive Oncology

Этот продукт – лучшая профилактика онкологии

The doctors called mushrooms which will save you from cancer.

Experts conducted a study in which women diagnosed with breast cancer every day added to your diet mushrooms, reports the with reference to

The results showed that patients decreased the growth of tumor cells.

Scientists explain this effect because when ingested, these mushrooms create a barrier from bacteria and viruses that provoke the development of inflammation, contributing to the emergence and development of cancer. In the composition of mushrooms contain substances that positively influence the dendritic cells are the main fighters against cancer. In this regard, increased production of T-lymphocytes that enhance immune protection and does not allow the cancer cells to affect the body.

The researchers recommended for those women who already suffer from breast cancer or have a genetic predisposition to it, add in your daily diet mushrooms in an amount of about 100 g.

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