This product think the best way for heart health

Этот продукт считают лучшим средством для здоровья сердца

Daily consumption reduces the risk of stroke. The most ambitious in the history of the study conducted by scientists from the USA, showed that the best way to maintain the health of the cardiovascular system are walnuts, reports the with reference to

Research assistants performed a meta-analysis of several studies over the last 25 years – in particular, the 26 RCTs, which ranged from 22 to 75 years.

The researchers compared the effects on the condition of the heart and blood vessels of the diet enriched with walnuts, with the effects of the Japanese and Mediterranean diets, and nutrition with low fat.

In the end, the researchers concluded, more healthy and valuable product for the heart than walnuts – does not exist.

“Walnuts are a real “health capsules”. These nuts provide the most significant reduction in cholesterol levels, being included in all power modes.

Walnuts have a positive impact on other markers of cardiovascular health,” stated the authors.

Scientists say that eating a handful of nuts a day reduces the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease, and, in addition, improves memory and brain condition, helps prolong life.

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