This simple method will help to check heart health

Этот простой способ поможет проверить здоровье сердца

This technique can be used at home.

The heart works like a clock? In the busy pace of life, the constant bustle and stress should pay attention to heart health. Despite the fact that to find the time to visit the doctor for preventive reasons we are not always able, self-diagnosis at home will be very useful, according to the with reference to 24apteka.

Clinical symptoms may not appear for a long time. With excellent health and physical lifting may suddenly occur heart attack. Excess weight, sedentary sedentary lifestyle, Smoking… is not the best way affects the functioning of our cardiovascular system. But those whose way of life is perfect is not immune from health problems and also have to monitor their condition.

With a simple test you can learn about heart health! The test will tell you if everything is okay, is there a reason for concern and for seeking treatment.

The test is:

Sitting on the floor with legs outstretched, reach your fingers to the tips of the toes lifted up.

Perform this motion easily speaks of the normal operation of the cardiac system, without excessive stress, without failure. A flexible body has the same elastic blood vessels. People have stiff blood vessels also hard and there is likely a circulatory problem.

Rigidity of muscles is a recommendation to consult with a cardiologist!

Don’t forget about yourself and the needs of your body! Follow health and get pleasure from its good physical shape!

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