This sweet word “discount”. Calendar sale at online stores USA

Это сладкое слово «скидки». Календарь распродаж в интернет-магазинах США

This sweet word “discount”. Calendar sale at online stores USA

Author: Tatyana Sinkevich

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Sales, discounts, promotions. This is something that can not fail to please as an avid Shopaholic, and any buyer. Sales — this is the period when you can buy a bunch of stuff and save a tidy sum of money. All look forward to seasonal and holiday sales, because this is the time when you can buy more and spend less. Here and used to live Americans, from discounts to rebates. Many European countries have adopted the tradition of American sales, so the magic word “Sale” can now be seen in stores around the world.

Online purchases have become an integral part of life of modern shoppers. Buying things sitting at home is not only convenient, but also profitable. Because many online stores organize seasonal discounts, with the aim to sell all the items from the old collections of the past season. So if you want to buy yourself something, the end of the summer, winter, spring or autumn is the time best purchases. You should constantly monitor the news online shopping and if the page appears the inscription “sale”, “clearance”, “outlet”, “30% off”, “specials”, then run start choosing things you need, otherwise all the goods are bought in the blink of an eye.

To be always aware of all seasonal and holiday promotions, we offer you a calendar of major holidays in the US, which can be found -30 %, -50% and even -70% discount in all online stores of the country.

New Year (New Year)

This is one of the biggest holidays of the year. A period when Christmas sales flow smoothly into the new year and last until the end of January. Although, in America the main holiday is Christmas, the excitement with purchases of gifts falls on the period before the New year. Of course, the choice of goods is not the same as all sold out even before Christmas. But still, you have the opportunity to get to interesting and attractive offers.

Day Martin Luther king (Martin Luther King Day, MLK Day)

The third Monday of January is considered to be a national holiday in America. On this day, Americans honor the memory of Martin Luther king, leader of all African Americans who want to protect their civil rights. Since the weekend, national retailers and major online shops hold sales. You have three days to buy a new item at a low price.

Valentine’s day (St. Valentine’s Day)

14 February – world day of all lovers. Already a week before the holiday all the store shelves are literally filled with goods of the love theme, jewelry, postcards, Souvenirs bright red color and other trinkets in the shape of hearts. Headlong, the lovers rush to the shops wanting to buy the most romantic gift for their halves. Therefore, discounts and sales than ever in this day.

President’s day (Presidents’ Day, Washington’s Birthday)

On the third Monday of February, America celebrates President’s day and the birthday of George Washington. During this period many online shops, in which range there are products Patriotic theme, wear military style stuff in the style of country music and cowboy clothes, arrange one – day sales for their customers. Also this day marks the beginning of the first seasonal of sales of a new calendar year. Shoes and clothes of the past season flies at super low prices in February.

St. Patrick’s day (St. Patrick’s Day)

March 17, America celebrates St. Patrick’s day. Although this holiday hold sacred in Ireland, England and some canadian provinces, not least the popularity he gained in America, where many representatives of the Irish Diaspora. A couple of days before the holiday, many stores of America is satisfied with the action, which will last another week.

Catholic Easter (Easter)

Easter is a religious holiday which falls on the period from March 22 to April 25. Easter in importance equate to Christmas. A hurry to buy holiday goods relevant topics, and gifts for his family. However, some U.S. online stores you can find and group other goods, discounts that reach 30 %, and sometimes more.

Cinco de Mayo (Cinco de Mayo)

5 may is a national holiday in Mexico. On this day people celebrate the victory of the Mexican army at the battle of Pueblo in 1862. Discounts in honor of this holiday, according to tradition, should be present figure 5. For example, the campaign lasts 5 hours or 5% off for one day.

Mother’s day (Mother’s Day)

The second Sunday of may – family holiday. In a close family circle Americans celebrate mother’s day. Accordingly, in stores USA you can meet discounts and promotions on the entire range of women’s products. What women like? Clothing, underwear and cosmetics. These products can be purchased at a discount up to 50 %.

Memorial Day (Memorial Day)

In this day, we honor the memory of all American servicemen who died during military conflicts. This holiday falls on the last Monday of may and is considered a public holiday. Many online stores of America organize the sale with a duration of one week. Under the campaign covers all types of goods.

Father’s day (Father’s Day)

On the third Sunday of June in America, it is customary to congratulate all of the popes. This holiday akin to Mother’s day and it is usually celebrated in the family circle. A week before the festival all the online stores announce the sale on the entire range of products for men.

The U.S. independence day (Independence Day)

July 4 declared the US independence day from Britain. It is the main national holiday of the country. Ambitious, but short-sales are held in all stores of America.

Labour day (Labor Day)

The first Monday of September – day of all workers. Since this holiday marks the end of summer, many families prefer to spend time with family in nature. Therefore, under discount in the eve of this feast fall camping goods and barbeque. And, of course, goods of the passing of the summer season fly for half-price.

Columbus Day (Columbus Day)

The second Monday of October in the States celebrate the day of the discoverer of America Christopher Columbus. A short, but impressive discounts up to 70% can be found in many online stores across the country.

Halloween (Halloween)

On the night of 31 October to the first of November is usually celebrated All Saints ‘ Day, known in the vernacular as Halloween. The main feature of this holiday – costume parties, involving mainly children and youth. So 1-2 weeks before the holiday stores across America like the sale of goods on youth policies, home decorations, carnival costumes and Souvenirs with symbols of the holiday.

A Veteran’s day in USA (Veteran’s Day)

November 11 a national holiday in the United States, which decided to honor the memory of veterans of the First world war. On this day, some American online shops organize a short discount that will last from 1 to 3 days.

Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Day)

Thanksgiving falls on the last Thursday of November. This holiday is considered to be one of the most important family holidays of the year. Moreover, this day gives the start of the most awaited sales of the year. A couple of days before the holiday all online stores America starts discount of 10 %. The discount percentage increases with each passing day.

“Black Friday” (Black Friday)

This is a special day of the year falling the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday lasts one day. This is usually a period of four days till Monday. This is the most Grand discount of year, when people are just mad with low prices, literally all the rowing from the shelves. This day also marks the beginning of Christmas sales, promotions and discounts.

“Cyber Monday” (Cyber Monday)

Monday after the hype of “Black Friday” called “Cyber Monday”. This name is a special marketing course, which aims to persuade people to make their purchases in online stores. Really great discounts on online products like it or not force you to buy items at the lowest possible price.

Catholic Christmas (Christmas)

December 25, the most awaited holiday of the year – Christmas. The most generous discounts of the year happen in this period. If you want to buy gifts for relatives at Christmas and to indulge in new acquisitions, it is better to start to do your shopping as early as possible, because the closer to the holiday, the less product remains on store shelves. So if you liked the goods, hurry to buy it, otherwise someone will do it for you. Indicators of the discounts reach 80 %.

So, if you want to enjoy shopping and save, the calendar of seasonal and festive discounts will help you. Follow the news of online shopping on certain days of the year and you will definitely make a lot of pleasant, and most importantly profitable acquisitions.

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