This Thursday Glossier opens flagship store in new York

В этот четверг Glossier откроет флагманский магазин в Нью-Йорке

This Thursday Glossier opens flagship store in new York

Author: Natalia Nikolaeva


Glossier store new York

The name of the Glossier it is well known as ordinary buyers, and picky beauty experts: appeared on the market in 2014, the brand in record time turned into the face of an ever-changing world of the beauty industry. According to Executive Director Emily Weiss, Glossier secret lies in the concept of “emotional Commerce” — the belief that the basis of trade and business must remain creative and search for new ways of expression.

Their new two-story shopping space will not be for fans of a surprise. Flagship store, located at 123 Lafayette Street (in the same place where the Glossier showroom) will open this Thursday, November 8th.

Walls and Windows are painted in gentle tones, red and pink furniture. This area will serve not only the store, but, as noted by the representatives Glossier, and “final physical expression of the brand“, as well as a place of contact for buyers, where they can share customer experiences with other fans of the brand without the participation of vendors and consultants.

Glossier completely changes the way of interaction of the visitors with their purchases due to the new layout of the store. Now it is a place where customers can test the products like you are in the private bathroom. In addition, the new multi-channel technology will allow us to begin the process of shopping in a store and finish online.

Time to open a very well chosen: it begins the Christmas shopping season!

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