Three women have created a fight club in the nursing home for patients with dementia

Три женщины создали бойцовский клуб  в доме престарелых для пациентов с деменцией

In one of the nursing homes in North Carolina 3 women organized fight club among patients with dementia. They face some serious charges.

Women worked in the home for the elderly Danby house, they encouraged the inhabitants to fight each other, then recorded the fight and posted the video on social networks. Marilyn McKay (McKey Marilyn), Tanasia Tyson (Tyson Tonacia) and Tanesia Jordan (Taneshia Jordan) can get serious time in prison for making patients with disabilities to use violence against each other.

The employee is also sometimes used physical punishment and aggressive attitude to the residents of the nursing home. The institution fired all three and now they will appear before court on November 14.