Tied up, a father watch helplessly the rape of his daughter

Ligoté, un père assiste impuissant au viol collectif de sa fille

The facts occurred in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in the area of Kishanganj, India.

To 2H00 in the morning, several men knocked on the door of a house, in which were a father and his daughter, claiming to want of water.

The father of the family was not suspicious and opened them. The six individuals have stepped into the dwelling, and have forced the dad and his daughter to accompany him to a wood isolated.

The two victims were tied up and six men raped the young girl of 19 years under the eyes of his father.

Then they threatened the woman to kill her if she spoke to the police. But the victim has still found the courage to file a complaint.

Four of the six rapists were arrested and placed in detention. The other two are actively sought.