Tiffany trump Dating a Nigerian billionaire

Michael Boulos and Tiffany trump

The 25-year-old daughter and 72-year-old President of the United States Donald trump Tiffany has a new Beau. As reported by the Western media, Tiffany had an affair with a billionaire from Nigeria named Michael Buglas.

For the first time the couple was spotted together in September at the show Taoray Wang at fashion Week in new York. But then the public on this young man, who sat side by side with the daughter of the head of the United States, did not pay attention. According to sources, Tiffany is only happy because she didn’t want to advertise their new relationship.

New lover she’s already introduced the mother — daughter Donald trump invited Michael to a dinner party on thanksgiving where he met her family.

She introduced him to his family, and he showed himself as a very intelligent and smart young man

— told the insider.

They say that even Donald trump, who has previously very unflattering expressed about immigrants from Nigeria, remained under pleasant impression from a new boyfriend daughter.

Also met Tiffany and Michael this summer while on holiday in Greece soon after the girl broke up with her former lover Ross as a Mechanic.

Boulos grew up in the Nigerian city of Lagos, but he currently lives in London. Michael — heir of the company Boulos Enterprises, which specializiruetsya in construction, car sales and retail trade. But on the personal life of a young man unknown.

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