“Time and Glass” MOZGI and Michelle Andrade has released a collaborative song in the Ukrainian language (Video)

"Время и Стекло", MOZGI и Michelle Andrade выпустили совместную песню на украинском языке (Видео)

The song “Promin” will be the official soundtrack to the Ukrainian Comedy.

Fans, colleagues and music experts have long awaited the appearance of Ukrainian songs from artists MOZGI Entertainment. Producer and writer of hits Potapov decided to join in song in their native language from all projects. Together with the Positive especially for the musical award “Golden Firebird” from the channel M2 wrote a song called “Promin”.

“It’s fashionable and easy track from our big and friendly team. I hope that this bold combination of music styles, melodic and memorable top-line will present Ukrainian music in contemporary painting” – says Potap.

The new track is unique in that artists invent individual vocal passages in which every singer would be able to show themselves: solos Nadi Мichelle and Uncle Wadi and kachevy rap from Potap and Positive.

In the lyric video for the song the friendly team of the Ukrainian show business showed, as in a warm creative atmosphere of the Studio creates the next hit: Positive at the piano, Potap with a guitar and a trio Uncle Vadya, Nadia Dorofeeva and Michelle Andrade – at the microphones.

The artists have prepared a special room for the ceremony “Golden Firebird, which will be held may 19 in the Palace of Ukraine (Kiev). All Stars MOZGI Entertainment will complete the award with a spectacular performance.

The song “Promin” will be the first soundtrack to feature Ukrainian Comedy “Skujene Wedding music”. Engaged in film production company “Production Prototype” (FILM.UA Group) under the guidance of producers: Yuri Gorbunov, Irina Kostyuk and Nadi of Krotoski. The film will appear in theaters this fall.

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