To punish her 2 year old kid for taking his phone, he sits on it and smothers him to death

Pour punir son enfant de 2 ans d'avoir pris son téléphone, il s'assoit dessus et l'étouffe à mort

The events took place last week at a motel in Council Bluffs, Iowa (United States).

To punish her 2 year old son to have taken his cell phone, Larry Murphy sat on top of it and choked to death. The mother, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was not able to intervene.

When Larry came back into the motel room, the little boy was not responding. After calling his sister for help, they went to the hospital with the child.

The nurses tried to resuscitate the victim but were not able to see his death.

A physician then found that the boy showed signs of asphyxiation.

Larry Murphy was detained on Friday, march 15, and charged for murder and endangerment of a child resulting in death. He was remanded in custody and his bail was set at one million dollars.