To stop the crying of his baby, a father shaken to death

Pour faire cesser les pleurs de son bébé, un père le secoue à mort

The events took place on the 28th of February in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the Hauts-de-Seine.

On this day, the father of a family was at the family home, as well as the nanny, when her baby, age 2 months, has started to cry constantly.

Exceeded, the dad rushed into the room of the little one. He took the baby in her arms and rocked sharply to make him stop his crying.

Then the child became unconscious. He was not moving. Worried, the 38-year-old was taken to the hospital.

The baby was suffering from a subdural hematoma caused by the collision of the brain against the skull. The doctors immediately understood that the new-born child had been a victim of shaken baby syndrome.

Alerted, the police were unable to question the father who had escaped in the south of France.

He finally returned on Tuesday evening at the Necker hospital. The child died that day, and that is where this frame without the use of stories has been arrested and has admitted the facts in police custody.