To survive until the weekend: a selection of great jokes

Дожить до выходных: подборка отличных анекдотов

These anecdotes will amuse anyone.

Jokes – that’s what sometimes is lacking in a gloomy autumn day. Not to be sad in this sleepy, cold period – better laugh at him. The result is guaranteed, reports the with reference to ***

Almost all families have something to pass on from generation to generation – traditions, relics, customs, alcoholism.

*** Looking for happiness, and gain experience.

Sometimes I think – here it, happiness!

But no, once again experience…

*** The boy comes home with a black eye. Dad flies:

– Son, who did this to you?

– Yes, the three attacked, wanted the watch to select.

– Yes you that, son, will see to identify? Why do I have to? Let their relatives are now identified.


Want to lose weight? The latest invention – the miracle patch “Slim”. Miracle patch “Slim” molded on your mouth!


…And our man to change in your home, you just need to strip down to their underwear…


Saturday. The baby woke up at 6.30. Can you advise me on what channel you can find educational programs about the orphanage?


Mother told little Andrew, that children find in cabbage, and it has something to with the fear started to look at the braised cabbage with meat.


I was now in the “Cave of horrors” attraction like this. There with a terrible creaking open the coffin lid, stands in as rotten a dead man opens his eyes, utters a muffled cry, falls back, quickly slams the lid shut.

Am I that scary?


– Could you call back later? I am now very uncomfortable to swear.


Two inhabitants of Odessa riding on a motorcycle. Stops the patrol:

– Why without a helmet?

One that front, leads to:

– Hat you sho?!


Taking out a mortgage, Alexander realized that congenital third kidney is not a pathology, but the gift of God.

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