Today between the Bronx and Manhattan for the first time have launched steam (video)

Сегодня между Бронксом и Манхэттеном впервые запустили паром (видео)

Today between the Bronx and Manhattan for the first time have launched steam (video)

Author: Katerina Moskalets


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The residents of the Big Apple there is a new way without traffic jams to get from one end of town to another. Today, August 15, between the Bronx and Manhattan launched steam.

The new route starts at Soundview Clason Point (the Bronx) and passes through East 90th Street and East 34th Street, before reaching the end stop Wall Street/Pier 11. The trip takes about 45 minutes. According to mayor bill De Blasio is 2 times less than new Yorkers usually spend on the road, while the fare on the ferry is the same as in subways and buses, is $2,75.

Passengers Soundview are free to use other routes NYC Ferry, including Rockaway, Astoria, South Brooklyn and the East River. This water transport will operate every 30 minutes during rush hour and every 50 minutes on weekends and off-peak load periods. Weekdays planned about 20 trips. Ferry timetable you will find on the website of the company.

And on August 29 is going to launch another new route — the Lower East Side. The ferry will go from long island city to East 34th Street.

Ferry tickets can be purchased directly on Board or using a special app the Ferry app.

The ferry annually, about 5 million new Yorkers, while metro and bus is about 6 million According to De Blasio, posteropolis by ferry — twice more than they expected.

“This is a classic example, which say: “if you Build it, they will come” (popular in the USA saying: “If you build it, they will come”. — — said the mayor of new York. — This suggests that the experiment was a success”.

According to the forecasts of the municipality, by 2023 the ferries will cross 9 million passengers a year, which would relieve the highway around the city.

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