Today in Barcelona will be held the funeral of Montserrat caballé

Сегодня в Барселоне состоятся похороны Монсеррат Кабалье

The funeral of the legendary Opera singer will be held in Barcelona on 8 October at 12:00 local time.

Opera singer Montserrat caballé will be buried in the cemetery of Sant Andreu in Barcelona, where her parents are buried. The funeral will be held today, 8 November, in Barcelona. The ceremony should begin at 12:00 local time in the center of the burial rituals in the Catalan capital.

“Barcelona” has expressed condolences with the loss of Montserrat to Cablecast fully

To say goodbye to Opera diva will come numerous politicians, actors and artists. Of their intention to attend the farewell ceremony with Montserrat caballé said Pedro Sanchez, President of the government, and Kim Torr, the Catalan leader.It is worth noting that on Sunday, October 7, the center of the burial rituals were open to everyone who wanted to say goodbye to the singer.

Montserrat caballé was born in a poor family. In his youth, worked as a seamstress to pay for music lessons. The singer is known for his virtuoso technique of Bel Canto singing and performances in classical Italian operas of Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti. A turning event in the life of the actress became the main party in the Opera “Lucrezia Borgia”. The audience gave the singer a 20-minute ovation.

Died 85-year-old Montserrat caballé – the most famous Opera singer in mirikitani fully

Later there were performances in the most famous Opera houses in the world. Together with the leader of the group Queen Freddie mercury Caballe recorded the song Amanda which became the anthem of the summer Olympic games held in the Catalan capital. The singer is actively involved in charity work and has created a Fund for sick children under the auspices of UNESCO.

Recall, Montserrat caballé died on Saturday, October 6 at 86-year life. Earlier she was hospitalized in a clinic in Barcelona. The reason for the hospitalization was inflammation of the bladder, which managed to stop without surgical intervention.

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