Today SpaceX plans to launch into space 6-ton Indonesian satellite

SpaceX планирует сегодня запустить в космос 6-тонный индонезийский спутник

The carrier rocket Falcon 9 will orbit telecommunications satellite operator PT Telkomunikasi of Indonesia.

Today, August 7 at 08:18 am Moscow time from pad SLC-40 US air force base at Cape Canaveral, Florida the launch vehicle, the Falcon 9 us private company SpaceX Elon musk.

It is reported

“If the weather permits and equipment, the launch will take place exactly at 08:18. If you encounter difficulties SpaceX will be two hours of the start screen to still carry out the launch. Sputnik live otstegat from the second stage and put in orbit about 32 minutes after the start”, – stated in the message.

On this rocket will be used by the marching step of Block 5 (B1046.2), which may 11 in the debut flight of this modification put into orbit the 3.6-tonne Bangladeshi satellite Bangabandhu-1.

Plan gently to land on the floating platform Of Course I Still Love You in the Atlantic ocean about 600 km from the starting point. Dimensions of the platform, which made the barge — 91х52 m with a six-meter Board. OCISLY – an unmanned platform, it is able to withstand a given position with an accuracy of up to 3M even in a storm. 2 Aug OCISLY sailed to your destination from port Canaveral.

The satellite Telkom-4, which will replace the space nearly two decades of Telkom-1, which is designed and assembled in California Palo Alto on the capacity of the company SSL. It weighs 5,800 kg, and the expected period of work is 15 years. The device “hang” on a geostationary orbit above the 108-th Meridian (° West longitude), where it will provide Internet and telecommunication services for Indonesia, India and other regions of Southeast Asia.

The start of the mission Merah Putih was postponed from August 2 to 4th, and then 7th.

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