Today the Ground was covered with a new magnetic storm

Сегодня Землю накрыла новая магнитная буря

Today, August 6, our planet has covered a magnetic storm, which meteodependent people can feel tired and unwell.

On 6 August the Ground was covered with the first magnetic storm of level G1 (on a scale). It is reported by the Laboratory x-ray astronomy of the Sun.

According to the scale of NOAA (national atmospheric administration, USA), a storm of class 1 is able to influence the energy system – weak fluctuations in power systems, on spacecraft – minor impact on system control of spacecraft, ground system, auroras visible at high latitudes (60 degrees), at the beginning of the migrations of animals.

Many people these days feel the discomfort and disorders of the nervous system. Such phenomena are also accompanied by headaches, migraines, palpitations, insomnia, malaise, low vitality, pressure drops. Doctors advise more walk, to avoid conflict, to have at hand the necessary medicines and to refrain from distant trips.

Magnetic storms in August 2018:

August 6-7 – people will feel weak and will suffer from mood swings;

12-13 August – the storm of low power;

August 17-21 is expected to be the most serious meteodata: possible health problems, failures in the broadcast and mobile communications;

20 August – the peak of magnetic storms, they reach the level of G1;

August 29 – the average power of the storm.

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