Today to the Earth close asteroid

Сегодня к Земле приблизится астероид

Asteroid 2010 WC9 will take place at a safe distance from the Earth on may 15.

The asteroid will pass at a distance equal to half the distance from planet to the moon. The size of the asteroid estimated from 60 to 130 metres. Its flyby of the earth will be the maximum convergence of an asteroid of this size with our planet.

For the first time, astronomers using Kalinskogo sky survey spotted the asteroid 2010 WC9 30 November 2010 and watched him until December 10. 8 may 2018, almost eight years since the detection, astronomers discovered an asteroid and named it ZJ99C60, and then I realized that they again see 2010 WC9.

During the approach of the asteroid will pass at a distance 203453 kilometers from Earth, which is equal to 0.53 distances from the planets to the moon. According to forecasts by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, next time 2010 WC9 suitable for that distance to Earth in 300 years.

Previously, scientists have said that potentially dangerous for the Earth asteroids are invisible to ground-based telescopes. To such conclusions researchers came after analyzing the data of the detections of near-earth objects to several observatories.

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