Toilet closet: what scents “are” Kate Middleton, Megan Markle, Angelina Jolie and other stars

In 1960, Marilyn Monroe said in an interview with us Marie Claire magazine: “you Know, I always ask the question: “What do you wear in bed? Only a pajama top? Or the bottom? Or do you sleep in a dressing gown?” And I said, “I only wear Chanel No. 5!” This iconic phrase has become one of the most popular quotes of the actress, but made her the unofficial symbol of the fragrance. 50 years after the death of the film star became the official face of the Chanel No. 5. In our material you will learn which fragrance do not leave dressing tables Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie and other stars (spoiler: and it’s flavors not only those brands with whom they have a signed contract).

Blake Lively

Blake lively has long been devoted to Le Marche Gucci, therefore, not surprising that in almost all interviews, the actress confessed her love for the fragrance Gucci Premiere (face that is). However, the star has another obvious favorite is Ooh La La Sexy Little Things, Victoria’s Secret. The composition consists of only three notes — Mandarin, cherry and vanilla is such a classic “dessert” flavor.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle loves perfume so that if you forget to use them before you leave home, it always comes back. I like to alternate flavors, so I have a few favorites. This is the Côte d’azur by Oribe (debut unisex fragrance from the famous brand for hair care), as well as bottle summer Bluebell Wild bluebells and Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone,

— mentioned once the ex-actress.

By the way, for the wedding of Megan with Prince Harry were crafted by an exclusive unisex fragrance from the famous perfume house Floris London, which is purveyor to the British Royal court since 1820. In 2011, the brand has developed the aroma of the Wedding Bouquet for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and produces a fragrance in honor of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.

Gwyneth Paltrow

You probably think that Gwyneth Paltrow uses exclusively organic patchouli oil, but in an interview with British Glamour, the actress admitted that singing the praises of the fragrance Nuit Pour Femme, Boss.

In my opinion, Nuit Pour Femme, Boss, is a very sensual, feminine perfume. Thanks to its incredible allure and at the same time elegance they are ideal for evening outs, — said the star. No wonder Gwyneth for many years was the face of the fragrance.

Angelina Jolie

Actress two decades ago chose a favorite flavor and, until recently, did not change him. A few years ago this perfume was discontinued, so personal assistants Angelina now meticulously looking for them for her on Ebay. Talking about the song Black by Bvlgari. It’s a unisex fragrance with notes of leather, vanilla, sandalwood, amber and oak moss.

When rare fragrance still cannot be found, Jolie uses as a replacement for Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera with accords of tuberose, Lily of the valley, apricot and white cedar.

Kate Middleton

Like many British women, Kate loves monoaromatic London perfume house Jo Malone. At her request candles with this floral-citrus perfume composition lit in Westminster Abbey in her wedding day with Prince William and the Duchess perfumed aroma of orange blossom.

Also Kate in honor of the brand L. K. Bennett (and we’re not just about shoes of this brand). In February 2018, the company released its first fragrance — Signature in a beautiful vintage bottle in the style of art Deco, who won the heart of Middleton. The composition smells like rose, Jasmine, ylang-ylang, citrus, musk and amber.

Ashley Olsen

The choice of Ashley Olsen expected fell on the creation of the French brand Dior. Bois D’argent refers to a unisex fragrance, so soft and cozy. It interwoven notes of toffee, vanilla and musk, complemented by juniper berries and woody accords. All this magnificence lies in a simple bottle, designed by Hedi Slimane.

Mure et Musc Cologne by L Artisan Parfumeur is the second favorite Olsen. This perfume is a mixture of sweet BlackBerry, fresh Basil, juicy oranges and tangerines, musk and oak moss.

Kate Bosworth

The actress claims that she wants to get to know Ben Gorham, the founder of the niche brand Byredo.

All fragrances of the brand are so beautiful, sophisticated, sexy and innocent at the same time. They are so versatile! I’m a real fan of these fragrances, especially the song Gypsy Water,

— Kate said in an interview. “Gypsy water” is a mix of vanilla, incense, pepper, fir branches and bergamot. Special piquancy gives lemon a sour taste.

Emma Stone

Emma stone is a real supporter of classical music, she has many years prefer the floral scent of Gardenia, Chanel, which was first released in 1925. Since composition is essentially not changed — still the same sweet Gardenia, tuberose, Jasmine, green notes, sandalwood, patchouli and musk. The actress says that invariably takes the bottle of this perfume, going on a trip:

I always sprinkle a corner of the pillow favorite perfume when away from home. I feel so cozy and fall asleep faster.

Katy Perry

Angel, Thierry Mugler, at the time made a real revolution in the world of perfume. Among the admirers of the fragrance with a unique molecule atlantaa, notes of liqueur and caramel — Jerry Hall, Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, Milla Jovovich, and Scarlett Johansson says that she enjoyed the flavor every day, when she was just ten years old. With “star” bottle does not leave and Katy Perry.

I don’t like fragrances that give your age, they say, Oh, this youth, and this for seniors. I was looking for a smell that would speak not about age, but about character. For me it’s Angel, Thierry Mugler,

— said in an interview with the singer.

Victoria Beckham

Royal Water, Creed is a fresh, spicy citrus water, grey amber and musky trail. This perfume was created in memory of Princess Diana and is now the must-haves for Victoria Beckham. Recently, the designer has a new pet — Room Service, Vilhelm Parfumerie. The star describes him as one capacious word — “superchick”. It is dominated by musky notes mixed with delicate floral chords.

By the way, the husband star, David Beckham is a fan of this brand and usually smells of Aventus with masculine notes of patchouli, cedar, juicy pineapple, black currant and red apples.

Liv Tyler

Every day at least five people asking what perfume I smell. But I wear the same perfume for many years,

— said Liv Tyler. You will be surprised, but this fragrance is Musk, C. O. Bigelow, costing only $ 15. Actress dabbing it on wrists, behind the ears and around the navel, below a veil of musk accompanied her the whole day.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried loves the flavors of fresh and nikoghossian. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the actress told what’s on her shelf in the bathroom is always Eau Parfumee au The Vert, Bvlgari with a base note of green tea.

Kate Beckinsale

The perfume Lipstick Rose by Frederic Malle reminds me of my mom and how she kissed me as a child before bedtime,

— said the actress.

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